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Engineered Flooring, Hardwood FlooringNo matter if you live in an apartment, condo, house or hotel chances are you need some sort of floor system. When looking for a floor there are many kinds of materials to choose from. There is the classic tile floor option made popular by the Greeks and Romans, there is the carpet option for those who desire the softer things in life and finally there is the traditional hardwood floor.

Wood floors have been used for thousands of years in almost every pocket and corner of the world. It seems wherever trees were growing people were chopping them down to make floors. More and more people are choosing hardwood floors for their homes, business establishments, schools and offices.

Give your skilled Allen Park Hardwood Floors Contractor a call and see what they can do for your homes hardwood flooring needs. Whether you are looking ot have a skilled professional provide you with a hardwood floor or even a bamboo floor you can count on the experts at Cramer Hardwood Floors to provide you with the solutions that you need for your home.

Cramer Hardwood Floors – Lincoln Park

Allen Park Hardwood flooring has a natural beauty that will give any room a very warm feeling. When building a new home, adding an addition or just taking up old carpeting that doesn’t have a hardwood floor beneath, you should look at the wide variety of wood flooring available. Unlike carpet, 3/4″ thick wood flooring can take wear and tear and last well over 100 years with minimum maintenance (see our maintenance FAQs).

When the surface finish wears, or gets scratched over time, you can recoat or sand and refinish the floors to make them new again. The variety and colors of wood flooring available today, make it easy to find one that will compliment any design ideas you have. Hardwood flooring is also the only floor covering that will add resale value to your Allen Park home.


Decisions abound when selecting just the right floor for the rooms in your home. There are several species, colors and grain variations to consider. After walls, the floor represents the largest expanse of pattern and color in a room.

The floor chosen should complement the fabrics, furnishings and accessories of the space, and enhance the unique personality of the room as a whole. Darker colors are most often used in formal or traditional interiors, while lighter colors work best in country, casual and contemporary settings.


The natural characteristics of wood include the grain pattern, dark gray or black marks and knots of various sizes. They result from the unique growth process of each species and are influenced by sunlight, soil and climate. Minerals can appear in several forms including light gray streaks across board and black lines in the grain. Grain patterns and knots both within and between species for your Allen Park home.

Allen Park – Flooring Contractor

The flooring in your Allen Park house or your office space is not only a basic necessity but in many ways is an expression of your personality. Modern couples prefer to go for slick wooden flooring when they move into a new home while marble stays a favorite with traditional home owners. For your office space however your needs are different, and you need flooring that’s more functional and safe than flamboyant.

While you might want to personally choose the flooring for your home and even office, installing it can be quite a task. That’s why Flooring Contractors are just what you need.

While you might find it exciting to install new flooring in your house yourself, it can be arduous. Even with new age, easy-to-lay flooring systems, you can spend days trying to get the job done. A Flooring Contractor on the other hand will take away all your hassles and the installation will be done with precision.

Moreover for large office spaces it’s practically impossible to get your flooring jobs done without professional help. Working alongside a Allen Park Flooring Company not only provides you different options but also takes care of installations and works out to be cost-effective.

Allen Park Bamboo Flooring System

If you are planning on home renovation, then consider the bamboo flooring, a growing trend. Many people believe that bamboo is a kind of wood, but it is actually a grass. This option has the advantage when compared to traditional flooring materials of being much easier to install and maintain. It makes your home look great and comes with advantages that couldn’t be found in other flooring materials.

Bamboo flooring comes in different levels of hardness and it is less susceptible to changing weather conditions. It does not expand or contract during cold and hot weather like other kinds of wood.

Ecologically friendly: It is actually the threat of deforestation that has forced many to resort to eco-friendly measures. Trees that are being felled for their wood, take decades to replace. Bamboo on the other hand, grows much faster, and is considered the fastest growing plant on earth.

Some bamboo plants can grow up to 3 feet each day. This feature has made bamboo immensely popular. They need only 3 to 6 years to mature whereas; hardwood trees take almost 100 years to mature. They don’t need any fertilizer or pesticides to grow well.

Water and stain resistant: The absorption power of bamboo is amazing. Hardwood flooring degenerates whenever it is exposed to tremendous amounts of water, but bamboo does not. Bamboo is considerably stain resistant, so it is much easier to clean. However, remember to clean bamboo floors as soon as something spills on it, especially milk and red wine. Keep your bamboo floors polished, so that stains are easy to clean.

Fewer chemicals during treatment process: Usually for bamboo flooring, bamboo is sliced into strips, which are then de-starched by boiling. The strips are glued into boards and milled. A simple preservation treatment is done with Urea-Formaldehyde (UF). UF is not actually good for you to breathe, but much less UF is used for bamboo compared to hardwood. It is also possible for you to buy bamboo that is not treated with UF at all.

There are mainly two natural colors of bamboo. People who love the light and natural color go for it. There are darker varieties of bamboo; the carbonizing process makes the color bamboo amber. When compared to the natural light color of bamboo, the hardness of bamboo is reduced by 10%. Even then, bamboo flooring is considered much stronger than hardwood.

If you wish, you can even color your bamboo for a different look. Dyed bamboo is beautiful; just remember to choose dye that is not toxic.

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