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The beauty and long-lasting appeal of a hardwood floor is exceptionally difficult to beat, and this is a look that many homeowners dream of adding to their rooms. Hardwood flooring has a proud legacy of quality and natural beauty that has made it truly timeless. If there are flooring options that is never a bad choice, and will always provide a luxurious look to a home, this is it.

Now is the time to go about finally having your dreams of a hardwood floor realized. The assistance of a professional contractor will go a long way to making this experience easier however, and when you turn to Cramer Hardwood Floors you will be getting the best service available to the  Auburn Hills area. We can provides you with exceptionally installation services with upfront pricing and a thorough assessment so you will know exactly what it will cost to have attractive new hardwood floors installed in your home.

Elevate your home to new heights; have a brand new hardwood floor installed today, after a call to Cramer Hardwood Floors. With years of industry experience serving the needs of the  Auburn Hills area, Cramer Hardwood Floors will be able to handle the installation of your hardwood flooring without trouble, all for a price that the competition can’t beat.

 Auburn Hills Cork Flooring

The environmentally friendly option that cork flooring provides has been making it an increasingly popular option to other alternatives. Cork flooring is produced from the bark of trees, so the tree itself does not have to be torn down for the production of the flooring material and it can be harvested many times during its lifespan. This sustainable flooring alternative is an exciting development that provides beautiful results comparable to hardwood floors, with a similar grain and warm look.

 Auburn Hills Laminate Flooring

For home owners that are on a budget, laminate flooring offers an exceptional design alternative when compared to much more expensive flooring options. Laminate flooring is one of the most affordable options available, but just because it costs less than hardwood does not mean that it cannot be attractive. There are a wide variety of laminate options out there on the market, and at Cramer Hardwood Floors we only offer the very best.

For the very best in low-maintenance and low-cost flooring, you can turn to the experienced team at Cramer Hardwood Floors.


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