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Cork Flooring imageHardwood floors have long been the industry standard for elegance and beauty, but with today’s green revolution, many homeowners are considering environmental impact as well as aesthetics and function when it comes to their South Lyon cork flooring. If you’re looking to upgrade your floors and want attractive, eco-friendly flooring, wood flooring is still an option! Unlike traditional hardwood floors, cork wood flooring has a limited impact on the environment, making it one of the top choices in green flooring today.

Cork flooring is considered ultra green because it is created from the bark of the cork oak tree. The harvesting process does not kill or even harm the tree, unlike with hardwoods, and the bark of the tree will regenerate over the next several years. Each cork tree can be harvested around 20 times over the course of its long life (approximately 250-350 years). At each harvest, a tree produces an amazing several hundred pounds of cork. As you can see from these numbers, cork wood is surprisingly sustainable and very gentle on the planet!

When it comes time to replace your floors, or if you are having a new home constructed, consider turning to the professionals at Cramer Hardwood Floors for brand new cork floors.

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With over 17 years of experience providing the best flooring around, we have built a strong reputation for always delivering the highest quality of workmanship to our customers. We have a strong commitment to providing the absolute best quality customer service experience around, and are dedicated to ensuring that every job surpasses expectations. For the most affordable flooring made from the highest quality materials, turn to Cramer Hardwood Floors.

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