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hardwood-refininshing, Hardwood Flooring imageIf you are looking for hardwood flooring solutions for your Detroit home then call Cramer Hardwood Floors your Detroit professional flooring contractor that has the experience and the training needed to ensure that all of your home flooring needs will be met. From single rooms to the entire home our experts can provide your home with a unique home flooring solution that best fits you and your homes needs.

Our Detroit professional flooring contractors have served hundreds of home owners all over the Detroit area and can provide you with the same services and quality home flooring that they have over the years. Just ask around Detroit you are sure to soon find at least one person that has had their home flooring completed or refinished be the hardwood flooring experts at Cramer Hardwood Floors. No matter the size of your project give our trained experts a call and see what they can do for your home flooring needs.

For the best in new Detroit Hardwood flooring, contact the professionals at Cramer Hardwood Floors today!

Detroit Hardwood Staining

If your hardwood floor is beginning to look worn and faded, you need to look into having it re-stained to protect it against potential damage, and have its like-new appearance returned once again. Staining your hardwood floor has the advantage of allowing you to adapt the appearance of your home to best suit a new direction in interior design.

There are a wide variety of different stains available, allowing you to customize the look of your hardwood floor to suit the look of any home. For a free consultation you should contact Cramer Hardwood Floors, and we will work with you to find the perfect look for your hardwood floors.

Detroit Cork Flooring

If you’re after for an eco-friendly alternative to flooring, you should consider installing a cork floor. These floors are made from an easily renewable resource and are harvest from the bark of trees rather than using the entirety of the tree itself. By approaching this harvesting method, a single tree can be harvested numerous times during its lifespan, without ever having to kill the tree.

Cork flooring is a durable and well insulated floor option that helps to keep room warm and lower noise. It also can be found in many different styles, and is even available in alternating colors to create new design opportunities. Cork flooring is a long-lasting green flooring material that can be tailored to suit the needs of any homeowner.

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