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Engineered FlooringEngineered flooring is a modern flooring material that imitates traditional hardwood floor boards. This looks exactly like its traditional counterpart but has many advantages over the traditional flooring system. You can get the best in this manufactured flooring alternative by turning to the experts at Cramer Hardwood Floors.

Our engineered flooring is a composite material made up from several layers of medium or high density fiberboard and plywood with an upper layer of genuine hardwood. The core of this flooring (the fiberboard or plywood layers) are constructed by stacking the individual layers or ply’s in the opposite direction of each other this provides strength to the flooring but also eliminates expansion or contraction. This creates a strong floor with the appearance of hardwood, but at a much more affordable price.

This flooring option is available in a wide variety of natural timbers such as the traditional red and white oaks, maple and ash and now exotic hardwoods from all over the world are being used. With the wide variety of different timbers available, Detroit home owners are able to find an engineered flooring product that suit their individual tastes or to compliment their decorating scheme.

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The Cramer Hardwood Floors Advantage of Engineered Floors

With over 17 years of experience serving the needs of the Detroit area, we have developed a strong reputation for providing our customers with incredible workmanship that speaks for itself in quality. Our dedication to customer service is without parallel, and we are wholly dedicated to offering the best customer service experience available. We seek to exceed expectations on every job, and provide our customers with flooring built from only superior materials.

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