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Ferndale Wood FloorsIf you live in an apartment or a condo, house or hotel, you are probably in need of a floor system that better suits your style. When spending time searching for a floor, you will come across many kinds of materials to choose from.

Among your options, there is the classic tile floor option made popular by other cultures before us, there is the carpet option for those who desire the softer things in life and lastly there is the traditional hardwood floor.

Wood floors have been used for thousands of years in almost every country in the world. Even nomads from long ago used wood flooring when their culture advanced from straw or dirt flooring. It seems wherever trees were growing people were chopping them down to make floors.

More and more people are choosing hardwood floors for their homes, business establishments, schools and offices because they are so durable and beautiful.

Professional Hardwood Floor Installation in Ferndale

Give your skilled Ferndale Hardwood Floors Contractor a call here at Cramer Hardwood Floors, and see what we can do for your hardwood flooring needs.

Whether you are looking ot have a skilled professional provide you with a hardwood floor or even a bamboo floor, you can count on our experts at Cramer Hardwood Floors to provide you with the solutions that you need for your home.

Hardwood Staining or Repairs in Ferndale

Ferndale Hardwood flooring has a natural beauty that will give any room a very warm feeling. When building a new home, adding an addition or just taking up old carpeting that doesn’t have a hardwood floor beneath, you should look at the wide variety of wood flooring available.

Unlike carpet, flooring that is 3/4″ thick wood stand up to wear and tear for years, often lasting well over a human lifetime. This means you’ll only need to make repairs or resurface the flooring with new stain and finish.

When the surface finish wears, or gets scratched over time, you can re-coat or sand and refinish the floors to make them new again. Hardwood flooring is also the premium floor covering that will add resale value to your home. The variety and colors of wood flooring available today, make it easy to find one that will compliment any design ideas you have.

Ferndale Hardwood Floor Options

Decisions abound when selecting just the right floor for the rooms in your home. There are several species, colors and grain variations to consider. After walls, the floor represents the largest expanse of pattern and color in a room.

The floor chosen should complement the fabrics, furnishings and accessories of the space, and enhance the unique personality of the room as a whole. Darker colors are most often used in formal or traditional interiors, while lighter colors work best in country, casual and contemporary settings.

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