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Green Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

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South Lyon Green FlooringIf you are someone who knows that many common building materials give off toxic VOC vapors, you are probably looking at green flooring options for home remodeling. If you don’t know what VOCs are, they are volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, benzene, styrene oxide, styrene, and trichloroethylene. Many building materials, furnishings, household products, and chemicals slowly release toxic vapors that get trapped inside the house. When it builds up enough, the indoor air becomes toxic to us.

So if you are wanting to go with some type of green flooring for your house, there are definitely some options. Here is a breakdown of a few that our South Lyon Flooring company at Cramer Hardwood Floors recommends.


Bamboo Flooring

Most high-quality bamboo flooring brands have very little or no formaldehyde. This is the truth in spite of the information you find around the web. These floors more than meet the standards of CARB Phase II floors. This is a standard that requires formaldehyde levels to be no higher than .05ppm. High-quality bamboo flooring contains as little as .02ppm. Look for brands that voluntarily provide independent test results on their websites. You might look into StrandWoven Bamboo or ask your local flooring contractor.

Bamboo is an earth-friendly building material because it grows fast, can easily be farmed, and is very hard. Using such a sustainable product really helps the planet because most hardwoods take centuries to grow. It makes a beautiful natural hardwood floor for any home. Plus, you can choose from an array of light to dark finishes because of the different bamboo species. Did you know that bamboo is more durable than oak?


Natural Stone Flooring

There’s nothing greener than natural stone flooring. You can tell your flooring contractor that you want them to use non-toxic thinset mortar with no VOCs. You can also have them make their own thinset using plain Portland Cement, sand, lime, and water. Natural stone flooring is one of the longest lasting floors you could choose.


Formaldehyde Free Engineered Wood Flooring

The most common source of VOCs in flooring is from the adhesives and sealant or finish. Formaldehyde-free engineered wood flooring is the eco-friendly choice. Look for 100% FSC certified formaldehyde-free adhesives and finishes. You can sand and refinish an engineered wood floor once or twice.


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