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Although made up of synthetic materials, laminate is created and designed to look like natural products, including wood and stone. This attractive material can be tailored to suit the design goals of nearly any home, and is one of the most adaptable options available on the market. If you want to create a lovely custom interior, without going the route of more expensive wood flooring, consider the option of laminate.

Laminate flooring is an extremely cost-effective alternative when compared to other options, and has the added benefit of being very easy to install. The ease of installation means you will not only save on labor costs, but can expect your flooring to be installed at a much faster rate than other options. The durability of laminate flooring is also a quality for which it is often praised, and makes it suitable for a variety of areas, including those that need to endure high levels of traffic.

Laminate flooring is a low maintenance solution for your home, and when compared with other materials, their easy-to-maintain benefits become all the more evident. There is no need for staining, oiling or waxing and they are extremely easy to clean – most spills only require a wipe with a warm damp cloth. If you don’t want to have to go through the fuss of conducting routine maintenance on your floor, laminate is an excellent option.

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With over 17 years of experience in providing the best in laminate flooring options, we can provide top quality installations to all of our Detroit customers. We have developed a strong working relationship with all of our manufacturers, and are able to pass those savings onto you.

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